Hungarian's Restaurant Blackpool

Family Restaurant with Hungarian Specialities

Dear Customers! Our Food is always freshly cooked by our Hungarian Chef and maybe can take more time! Please bear with us, enjoy your relaxing time, your beautiful wine and your outstanding accompany! 

Vegetarian, Vegan, GlutenFree, LactoseFree options available upon request! Please ask for details!


Soup of the Day                                    4.20

freshly cooked homemade soup

served with garlic breadsticks,

please ask for today's choice

Chef’s Paté                                             5.45

homemade paté served

with caramelized onions,

butter and toasted bread

Crispy Duck Rolls                                   5.45

 pieces of homemade crispy duck rolls,

served with sweet chilli dip on a salad bed

Homemade Meatballs                            5.20

prime minced beef and pork homemade

meatballs served in tomato sauce

Melon&Ham                                            5.20

sliced melon served with smoked

ham roses and salad,

drizzled with balsamic glaze

Homemade Fish Croquette                    5.45

served with garlic mayo on a salad bed




Caesar Salad                                                 8.95

seasonal mixed salad with tender grilled chicken,

topped with homemade Caesar dressing

and Parmesan cheese, served with garlic breadsticks

Watermelon&Feta Salad                              6.95

diced watermelon mixed with feta cheese,strawberries,

red onions,drizzled with homemade mint balsamic dressing




Chicken Diane                                            12.95

chicken breast cooked in a rich creamy mushrooms

French mustard sauce, served with

roast potatoes and vegetables of the day

Chicken Cordon Bleu                                 12.95

deep fried breadcrumb wrapped chicken breast

with cheese and ham,served with rice,

homemade tartare sauce and salad bouquet

Fillet Steak                                                  20.95

prime fillet steak cooked to your request,

served with roast potatoes and vegetable of the day

Fillet Steak Rossini                                     22.95

prime fillet steak topped with paté and mushroom,

finished with a red wine reduction, served with

roast potatoes and vegetables of the day

Lamb Shank                                                 16.95

served with roast potatoes, vegetables,

finished with red wine sauce

Sea Bass Fillet                                              14.95

Sea Bass fillets served with roast potatoes,

vegetables and butter tarragon sauce

Grilled Catfish                                                13.95

River Catfish fillet served with roast potatoes,

vegetables of the day and creamy dill sauce 

Asparagus Spinach Chicken Risotto             12.95 

Vegetarian Option                                          10.95        

freshly home made creamy Risotto

with diced chicken to your request,

topped with Parmesan cheese




SIDE  ORDERS        2.95               SAUCES          1.95

French Fries                                                               Peppercorn Sauce

Sweet Fries                                                                Diane Sauce

Roast Potatoes                                                          Redwine Sauce

Mixed  Salad                                                              Paprika Sauce

Vegetable of the Day                                                 Homemade Tartare Sauce