Hungarian's Restaurant Blackpool

Contemporary Cuisine  with Hungarian Twist

December A la Carte Menu


We are serving always freshly cooked meal, some dishes take time to prepare, please bear with us. Thank you!


Fisherman’s Soup 5.50

rich paprika based, river Wels Catfish soup served with butter and toasted baquette

Goulash Soup 5.95

a rich soup made from beef,diced potatoes,paprika,spices and galushka/nokedli/

Vegetarian Goulash Soup V 4.50

a rich soup made with diced potatoes,vegetables,paprika,spices

Winter Cold Plate 5.95

mixed Hungarian Salami, Pork Headcheese and Pork Greaves Spread served with butter, vegetables and toasted bread

Chef’s Paté 5.80

homemade Duck paté served with caramelized onions, butter and toasted bread

Aubergine Cream V 4.50

served with toasted bread and sliced red onions

Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage V 5.50

paprika based, mix of onions, mushrooms, bulgur, rice and spices, wrapped in sauerkraut leaves

SIDE ORDERS 2.95            SAUCES 1.95          EXTRA DIPS 0.60


Chicken Schnitzel 12.95

deep fried breadcrumb chicken breast served with mashed potato,salad,tartare sauce

Stuffed Turkey Breast 13.95

bacon wrapped, stuffed Turkey breast served with all the trimmings

Hungarian Hot Sausages Plate 13.95

oven baked Hungarian sausages and liver sausages served with potatoes and braised cabbage

Sea Bass Fillets 14.95

Sea Bass fillets served with roast potatoes, vegetables and butter tarragon sauce

Fried Trappist Cheese V 10.95

deep fried breadcrumb Hungarian cheese served with fries/rice and tartare sauce

Goulash Stew 14.95

wine slowly coocked beef stew served with nokedli or roast potatoes to your request

Stuffed Cabbage 10.95

prime minced pork wrapped in sauerkraut leaves, topped with sour cream and crispy bacon

Gypsy Steak 16.95

spicy marinated pork shoulder steaks topped with pork bacon, served with roast potatoes

Fillet Steak 21.95

prime fillet steak cooked to your request,served with roast potatoes,vegetables of the day

Fillet Budapest Style 23.95

prime beef fillet steak topped with liver, mushrooms and peas ragu, finished with port sauce, served with mashed potatoes

Winter Avocado Salad V 8.95

sliced avocado on a bed of seasonal mixed salad, topped with pomegranade and winter seeds drizzled with mint balsamic dressing Add Halloumi Fries + 2.50

Please let us know about your allergy or food intolerance !